Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kem Bahasa Melayu

alamak.... i woke up late!!!!! i did it again... hmmm but i manage to reach school at 8.30. Thanks to Ain and Siti Normah yang tolong set-up the rooms. But, oh my.... there's no key to Harri's room. Why la Harri u keep LCD projector in your room? never do that again hah... very dangerous u know, if get stolen how? wa phoned Yoges, phone Roseni hoping that they will come to open the room. But somehow, Azizi came to rescue us... Thanks Azizi... wa invited u to lunch hehehe... We need 2 projactors because 2 sessions run at the same time. Pn Syarifah and En Razak was our penceramah. Very good one they are... Terima kasih daun keladi ya... next year mai lagi.

alhamdulillah, my students behave well. wa harap derang dapat samting to boost their semangat to study and get A for BM. I was buzy and concentrating with the Kem and i forgot to snap some pictures.... apa daaaaaaa!!! But i can say that the Kem was a success. Next year boleh buat lagi.

But on the other notes..

i thought i wanted to go to MAHA tomorrow with Shamsul and the gang.... but they left me behind!!!! HUHUhuhuhu they went today... kurang asam betul. Eh korang, kalau nak pergi harini pun, tak kan tak boleh beritahu u all change ur plan. Ofkoslah kalau u all pergi ari in, wa tak leh gi... but at leastla, have some courtesy to tell me... now tomolo wa nak pergi dengan siapa?

so my mind keeps on thinking. Who is available tomolo? i called CS, no she cannot, she want to fast..then i called Halijah, no she wants to go to immegresen.. CS suggested MakNgah, (Mak ngah dah pergi 2 kali) but i remembered Tan, so i called her. Lucky me, so wa pun buat janji temu dengannya. janji temu tau bukan temu janji. (baru belajar tadi). temu janji salah, kerana tentulah kita janji dulu baru bertemu... So insyaAllah, tomorrow, wa akan pergi memenatkan kaki dan bahu wa nak jalan-jalan di pameran MAHA dan nak ambil gambar banyak-banyak. Hopefully, wa sihat dan tak penat. Amin....

Kem Bahasa habis kul 6.10 petang. after settlekan everything, almost, wa balik and reached home to see a dragonfly on my orchid leaf.

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