Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pls pray for Hairol Fitri and his sister

I'm so tired today. This morning till 5.30 in the everning, i conducted IT course for the teachers. Penat, hampir nak hilang suara. All teachers were so excited... calling me all the time. i helped what i can, but they were very helpful; those who knew how to do, helped the other teachers so my work lightened. tq so much. It was really fun. Later, i sit back and rest, at about 7 then i went home.

On my way back, ex-student Hielmi called me to tell that Siti Murni Ayu had an accident back in New Zealand. Then i remembered Hairol Fitri. He too at New Zealand at that moment. When i recieved SMS from him the other day, he said he is in New Zealand and i assumed he went there with his parents. I tried to call him but cannot reach him. Then i informed Siti Normah. Later Pn Rosnah called me; she said Hairol Fitri was with Siti Murni Ayu. Ya tuhan! Siti Murni Ayu is his sister and former SSB too. 2 died in that accident and 2 other persons had seriously injured while one person had minor injury. I'm not sure how's the condition of Siti Murni Ayu and Hairol Fitri. Pls pray for them. God help them to recover and come back to Malaysia safely.

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